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ScratchCat Jumps Into Holiday Gift Mix By Announcing FleaTV™, Innovative DVD Video for Dogs


ScratchCat Jumps Into Holiday Gift Mix By Announcing FleaTV™, Innovative DVD Video for Dogs

(ALPHARETTA, GA) -- October 18, 2011 -- In advance of the busy gift-buying season, ScratchCat, LLC, an established video-based educational publisher, today announced the release of FleaTV, a DVD video described as a “video dog toy” to entertain and intrigue dogs.

FleaTV features a unique blend of proprietary techniques designed to capture and hold a dog’s attention. “It’s easy on a dog’s eyes, too,” said Ralph Heigl, ScratchCat’s Chief Technology Officer. “With the proliferation of digital televisions, dogs finally are able to see continuous, smooth video without the distracting flickering they likely experienced watching analog sets.”

Central to FleaTV is the acknowledgment that dogs see the world differently: they’re built lower to the ground, they see primarily in shades of blue-violet and yellow, and they see high-contrast images more easily.

FleaTV’s completely inventive approach presents a reasonable likeness of a dog’s-eye view of life; thus, nothing about the experience will look familiar to humans.” explained Jim McNeely, VP of Canine Happiness. “What’s more, the audio track is full of attention-getting sounds and affirming human voices rather than music, which can bother dogs.”

Providing quality content was another imperative of FleaTV. “For nearly 30 years, we’ve been developing video-based science lessons for perhaps the hardest-to-reach audience there is—kids,” said Betty Paxton, ScratchCat president, and author of award-winning programs that reshaped how science is taught in schools today. “When making FleaTV, we applied many of the same techniques we’ve perfected for pushing emotional buttons that evoke visceral responses, whether you’re furry, or not.

“We studied several other DVDs that claimed to be for dogs, but found them sorely lacking in compelling content. In short, they were boring, and worse, they presented a human’s perspective, complete with heinous elevator tunes. FleaTV has been engineered entirely with the dog in mind but their human companions will enjoy it, too.”

Heigl’s Jack Russell Terrier, Blade, was a willing videographer and uncredited producer for much of the DVD content. When he wasn’t wearing a camera, Blade was in front of the camera, leading the way on trips to dog parks and nature preserves.

FleaTV also offers detailed video demos for making healthful treats and for massaging a dog.

FleaTV is approximately 70 minutes long; it may be purchased through Flea.TV (www.Flea.TV) in advance of broader retail distribution. MSRP is $19.99.


For more information, please contact:

Jim McNeely

(877) 806-4746


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