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for Dogs

Wait... What?!

Yep, it's a DVD for dogs. And why not? Why wouldn't you want to pamper YOUR dog with only the best in dog entertainment? FleaTV isn't a dog training video. Think of it more as a video dog toy. Its sole purpose: to captivate, delight & intrigue your dog. (Note to your dog: You're welcome.)

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Only $19.99!

FleaTV is THE perfect unique gift for dogs & their humans!
Come on, isn't having a unique gift for dogs totally worth 20 bucks? They'll just love you even more for it!

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The regular, often random, musings of one ambitious dog... with WAY too much time on his hands (er... paws). You might find dog treat recipes, pet clothing suggestions, dog gift ideas, dog accessories commentary... all from Blade's perspective. Trust us, he has a lot of good stuff to say!

FleaTV is nothing like you've
ever seen before.

But that's because you're human,
and FleaTV has been engineered for dogs. Big time.
The FleaTV® DVD takes your dog on playful, vicarious journeys to the dog park, the beach, the woods, and more. It is not yet another tedious training video; nor is it a boring dog sitter DVD. FleaTV features a proprietary blend of unique visual elements and carefully selected sounds, each specially designed to enthrall unique dogs, bored dogs, happy dogs, big dogs, little dogs, good dogs, silly dogs, shy dogs, funny dogs, depressed dogs, active dogs, famous dogs, smart dogs, friendly dogs, young dogs, old dogs, pretty much all kinds of dogs... here, there and everywhere.   more >
FleaTV gets a shout-out on CBS Atlanta

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